Friday, February 3, 2012

We all own a pair….but why?

From Armani to Tory Burch, we see them everywhere. Simple designed flat shoes with the brand sign sticking on the top. I remember when they first came out; their golden or silver accessory was so eye catching. It was a design phenomenon all by itself. Then it became an obsession, a must have. Why did we keep on buying them and why do we still crave for them?
There was a phase where showing off the brand name was very fashionable. We wanted them on handbags, belts, T-shirts, but  finally we grew out of it. After minimalism came into play designers focused more on designing and less on the brand’s name. We see fewer of the monogram “G” on Gucci bags and more design concentrated items. However, flats survived that revolution and remained in the shop shelves of many top fashion brands.

It is not only their good quality that attracts but also the fact that their price tag plus their brand name is apparent.
The power of branding, that is all there is left to say.

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