Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fashion and Psychology!

From the punk vibe of the 60’s to minimalism of the 90’s we have seen major movements in the fashion world. Whether it was maturing a concept or adding a design component, ingenuity was never lost in transition.

As of the twenty first century, an expectation aroused that the minimalist era was going to continue for longer. Paris and Milan had given way for innovators and young talents to takeover and thus a place like London seemed to be just perfect.   

Regardless of most assumptions, the crowd was taken by surprise when once again a post-modern mood spread all over the catwalks. It was this year’s LFW A/W (2012) that was the icing on the cake. It is one thing to look in the past for inspiration but another thing to copy the past.
There were days when a show blew my mind, where “too much” had no meaning but this time it was just “too little”, “too late”.

We ask why?

This generation seems to be searching for a sense of belonging. Something we have been lacking for a while now. The whole globalization of the world has led us to feel displaced and “too free”, hence whenever we see an opportunity to control that, there is no hesitation.  We buy Cath Kidston mugs to remind us of granny’s tea hours or wear French vanilla long skirts to remind us of Aunt Betsy’s closet. The more cosmo we feel, the more nostalgic we become and there is no going back now!

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