Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fashion Intelligence: How to determine whether you’re a follower or a fashionista!

Trend following is very tricky. If you consider yourself a fashionista then you must aim to standout. Try to avoid camouflaging yourself and be creative. It is very easy to confuse innovation with madness and trust me, that is when Gaga happens. So in order to do it right, consciousness is the word to follow. Be like an artist with his canvas; just add that little signature of yours.
You must also try to be futuristic. Endeavor to foresee the trends coming up and do them first because once it becomes the trend you will not be a setter, but merely a follower. 
Sheer maxi skirts in long may have been very forward in 2009-10. Now they are everywhere. From Forever 21 to BCBG they are making them. Only last night at a night club in central London I saw seven girls wearing them. And yes, I did exactly count!
Here you can see Pixie Lott and Diane Kruger wearing maxi sheer skirts/dress on mini's. There is no question that they both look amazing and are rocking those outfits. But are they fashionistas? or followers?

Some of us are natural born leaders and some are admirers. This applies in fashion as well, where you could become a trendsetter amongst your friends at school or a futuristic diva at your country club. In the celebrity world Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham are considered trendsetters and they have many followers.

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