Thursday, February 23, 2012

No stylist can do magic!

Over the years I’ve done many style makeovers. I have tried to infuse my fashion sense and knowledge to quite a few people. Usually the time spent with each and every client, friend or family hasn’t been very long. In the short run I have seen big changes happen but in the long run they tend to turn back to their old self with only a few differences. In a way I can say with short-term styling you can only manage to get so far.
In the past few years we have seen many styling programs, Gok, How do I look?, What not to wear? and so much more. They all show a person who gets a full makeover and then a life changing transformation happens within her. Is that really true?
To me that is a big insult to those who put so much time and effort in reading, thinking, and taking fashion risks. If all they had to do was to attend one of Gok’s shows then why spend all that time? That being said, it is helpful to watch some of those programs as they show how to dress according to your body shape or how to mix and match outfits but the person in the show is not fully transformed as they make it appear to be.
Style is some sort of a belief. Beliefs are so hard to change in a person. It takes a long time for psychotherapists to get to the roots of a belief and help to reform it. The same applies to stylists.
To be able to reinvent your style, you need to work hard and earn it, just like in any other transformation. 

My tip to those of you who find no time for this deep revolution; either go minimal, go Muji, go Uniqlo or follow the trends. There is nothing wrong with being a smart follower. Don’t we follow recipes in cooking? Or are we all cooking masters?

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