Friday, February 10, 2012

MONCLER outerwear, the best investment you can make for frosty winters!

It was right about mid December when a friend of mine proposed I should buy a Moncler Jacket and that it would save me throughout the winter. I, unsurprisingly didn’t pay too much attention. All I was thinking was how chunky these puffy things were going to make me look.

It was a week ago that the cold really got under my skin and it was making me postpone on all non-compulsory events such as meeting with an acquaintance, or picking up my dress from the dry cleaners. I just couldn’t bare the weather anymore. It was then that I knew I had to pay a visit to their store.

Once I got to put on one of their miracle working jackets… oh… I felt like a baby in a pram, warm, fed and ready to be strolled. I know as a stylist I should be concerned about what jacket is fashionable and what not, who can pull off a certain style and who can’t, but to be frank I couldn’t care less. When it’s cold and my brain cells are too frozen too function, Moncler is there to make it all good and cozy.

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