Sunday, February 19, 2012

They call him the fresh face, I call him the knit guru….

A shy lad from Ipswich, Craig Lawrence creates magic! The astonishment aroused by his work is inevitable. He has taken the simple concept of knitting and developed it to create artistic phenomenon. He treats materials as if they were music notes and composes them to perfection.

When Tilda Swinton wore a piece by the designer on the cover of Another magazine, it was like a stylist’s dream come true, the best of the both worlds!

His latest collection that was previewed on 19th Feb 2012 at LFW, was a bit of a let down as we all expected the Saint Martin’s graduate to astound us once again. Nonetheless, I have a lot of hope in seeing the unimaginable Craig creations in the near future. I also hope our designer fixes his website soon so we can directly follow his work. You know my motto “presentation is not any less important than the work itself.”

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