Sunday, March 18, 2012

Too much skin

I always admire rule breakers, ones who have no boundaries in fashion and freely make style decisions that blow our minds, but there are always those who have misconceptions of the terms. You might think how can we put limits to the great gift of freedom? Well the eyes have a say too. They wish to see less and leave some to the imagination.

Fashion going round in circles shouldn't be taken out of context. Meaning the circle doesn't go back as far as the old stone age where women wore close to nothing.

Here are some pictures of celebrities proving us how unattractive it is to be clothed inappropriately.

Ladies it might look very arty in an artistic picture taken by an artist but on the red carpet it just looks saggy and weird.
Left: Kate Bosworth, Center: Anne Hathaway, Right: Gwyneth Paltrow

Your doctors maybe very proud to look at them, guys may find it "awesome" but I find it cheap. Please show some class!
Left: Mariah Carey, Center: Kim Kardashian, Right: Mariah Carey

If you haven't yet guessed the woman on the right.....?!!! A hint: she is a host on a television series focusing on fashion. Yes.... she is Heidi Klum.  
Left: Leighton Meester, Right: Heidi Klum

NOOOOOOOO....!!! We don't wanna see that!?!
Left: Jennifer Aniston, Right: Bonnie Mckee

When a black marker is used to cover something on a picture it's usually for x-rated pictures or illegal substances. I guess there isn't much more to say really.
Adrienne Bailon

Lace is also used in lingerie but you mustn't wear yours on the red carpet.
Left: Madonna, Center: Uma Thurman, Right: Leighton Meester

 I would expect Rihanna and Erin to make such mistakes, but not Domenico and Stefano. 
Left: Erin Wasson, Center: Naomi Campbell, Dolce and Gabbana, Right: Rihanna

Yes the girl on the right is also Rihanna. They say third time's a charm!

I really wanted to find some way to like these cut-out dresses but it was just too hard.
Left: Halle Berry, Center: Ciara, Right: Alicia Keys

If there were any awards to be given for showing too much, Kate would have definitely received one. Even when she is wearing too little (on the right) we find it easy to miss. She can never beat her own record!
Rose McGowan

Lauren Pope, even if it was for your surname, you shouldn't have done that!
Left: Lauren Pope, Center: Toni Braxton, Right: Tess Smith

 We will let you bunch off this time with a warning! You are only on the edge.
Left: Taylor Momsen, Center: Irina Shayk, Right: Gwyeneth Paltrow

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