Monday, February 6, 2012

Lingerie for different body shapes by Agent Provocateur ♥♠

Valentine’s day is close and this year you can spend on yourself instead of spending on your partner. He cannot ask for a better gift.
If your body is fit and you have no cellulites then you can easily pull off this extraordinary Shandy briefs.
If you are a bottom-heavy beauty and want to mostly show off your breasts, this Mercy skirt is just the thing. You can wear it with a simple black bra and still work it.

Tahloola top has that rock chick look to it. This is perfect for someone who has a nice figure but yet there are something’s better left in the dark. Tahoola is also great if you’re the "timide" type and still wrap yourself around the duvet when the lights are on.
If you have decided to wine n’ dine him then Thora will make him skip desert just as you have planned. This piece will slim you down on all the right places. (Mad Men Style)

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