Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charms can be more than just decorative pieces of metal!

Going back in history, charms were one of the first forms of jewelry worn by mankind.  Of course back then they used clay, bones and shells. 

Charms (or amulets) meant something special. They were used as secret codes for entering places, symbols showing your forbidden religion, carrying your rights and wrongs with you at all time or showing friends and relatives a miniature picture of a deceased loved one. They were signs or symbols of passion, love, unity, confession, belief, protection, truth and so much more.

Nowadays we tend to ruin things, and by things I mean physical objects. We mass-produce them, transforming them from material to just a “thing”. Our charm bracelets are made by big manufacturers mostly in China and delivered to shops by big cargo ships and in chunky plastic or carton boxes. How special can that be? 

The other day, after a long stroll by the Thames Riverside, I decided to execute my feelings, state of mind, love, and care for the world by collecting charms. It may sound silly but I wanted to be reminded of all that is good and real in my life in a “fashionly” manner, a manner I am most familiar with. I started by picking up a rock to remind me of that special day. You may find other ways to ground yourself, to grow the little human that is left of a robot. Sometimes we need indications to ground us, to remind us of us and to outlive this automated world.

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