Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taking jewelry design to another level.

Originality is quite rare to find in the field of jewelry design. You will usually come across various versions of a similar concept or exact copies made with different materials. The value of a piece is mostly dependent on the precision in the making and preciousness of the stones and metals used. This in turn limits the creativity and newness of a design.
Having said all the above, there are always those who rebel against our “POP” culture of jewelry and think outside the box.

A few days ago as I was extensively searching for a neck piece for my latest protégé, I came across an extraordinary ring. Right there and then I fell in love with it. As I began to discover more about the designer and her collection, I found out that there is an exceptional story to each and every piece. 
Selda Okutan, a Turkish designer who is currently working on ceramic figures, for sure can take the designer of the month title at LookHook.

“They are specially chosen and designed under the inspiration of love, history, myth and dream.” the artist describes her work. definitely doesn’t earn Selda any points since it is a poor representation of her work, but luckily her collections are also available in , and

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