Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fashion and Psychology!

From the punk vibe of the 60’s to minimalism of the 90’s we have seen major movements in the fashion world. Whether it was maturing a concept or adding a design component, ingenuity was never lost in transition.

As of the twenty first century, an expectation aroused that the minimalist era was going to continue for longer. Paris and Milan had given way for innovators and young talents to takeover and thus a place like London seemed to be just perfect.   

Regardless of most assumptions, the crowd was taken by surprise when once again a post-modern mood spread all over the catwalks. It was this year’s LFW A/W (2012) that was the icing on the cake. It is one thing to look in the past for inspiration but another thing to copy the past.
There were days when a show blew my mind, where “too much” had no meaning but this time it was just “too little”, “too late”.

We ask why?

This generation seems to be searching for a sense of belonging. Something we have been lacking for a while now. The whole globalization of the world has led us to feel displaced and “too free”, hence whenever we see an opportunity to control that, there is no hesitation.  We buy Cath Kidston mugs to remind us of granny’s tea hours or wear French vanilla long skirts to remind us of Aunt Betsy’s closet. The more cosmo we feel, the more nostalgic we become and there is no going back now!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

London has gone from capital of punk to capital of print! Vivienne Westwood vs. Laura Ashley.

Prints were all over this winter’s London Fashion Week. Going through all the collections presented, it was rare to find a designer who didn’t use this technique. Ashish’s Indian inspire Tie-Dye prints, Holly Fulton’s Art deco-print trousers to Kirchhoff’s leopard-print bustiers have all contributed to London’s latest title.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No stylist can do magic!

Over the years I’ve done many style makeovers. I have tried to infuse my fashion sense and knowledge to quite a few people. Usually the time spent with each and every client, friend or family hasn’t been very long. In the short run I have seen big changes happen but in the long run they tend to turn back to their old self with only a few differences. In a way I can say with short-term styling you can only manage to get so far.
In the past few years we have seen many styling programs, Gok, How do I look?, What not to wear? and so much more. They all show a person who gets a full makeover and then a life changing transformation happens within her. Is that really true?
To me that is a big insult to those who put so much time and effort in reading, thinking, and taking fashion risks. If all they had to do was to attend one of Gok’s shows then why spend all that time? That being said, it is helpful to watch some of those programs as they show how to dress according to your body shape or how to mix and match outfits but the person in the show is not fully transformed as they make it appear to be.
Style is some sort of a belief. Beliefs are so hard to change in a person. It takes a long time for psychotherapists to get to the roots of a belief and help to reform it. The same applies to stylists.
To be able to reinvent your style, you need to work hard and earn it, just like in any other transformation. 

My tip to those of you who find no time for this deep revolution; either go minimal, go Muji, go Uniqlo or follow the trends. There is nothing wrong with being a smart follower. Don’t we follow recipes in cooking? Or are we all cooking masters?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charms can be more than just decorative pieces of metal!

Going back in history, charms were one of the first forms of jewelry worn by mankind.  Of course back then they used clay, bones and shells. 

Charms (or amulets) meant something special. They were used as secret codes for entering places, symbols showing your forbidden religion, carrying your rights and wrongs with you at all time or showing friends and relatives a miniature picture of a deceased loved one. They were signs or symbols of passion, love, unity, confession, belief, protection, truth and so much more.

Nowadays we tend to ruin things, and by things I mean physical objects. We mass-produce them, transforming them from material to just a “thing”. Our charm bracelets are made by big manufacturers mostly in China and delivered to shops by big cargo ships and in chunky plastic or carton boxes. How special can that be? 

The other day, after a long stroll by the Thames Riverside, I decided to execute my feelings, state of mind, love, and care for the world by collecting charms. It may sound silly but I wanted to be reminded of all that is good and real in my life in a “fashionly” manner, a manner I am most familiar with. I started by picking up a rock to remind me of that special day. You may find other ways to ground yourself, to grow the little human that is left of a robot. Sometimes we need indications to ground us, to remind us of us and to outlive this automated world.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

They call him the fresh face, I call him the knit guru….

A shy lad from Ipswich, Craig Lawrence creates magic! The astonishment aroused by his work is inevitable. He has taken the simple concept of knitting and developed it to create artistic phenomenon. He treats materials as if they were music notes and composes them to perfection.

When Tilda Swinton wore a piece by the designer on the cover of Another magazine, it was like a stylist’s dream come true, the best of the both worlds!

His latest collection that was previewed on 19th Feb 2012 at LFW, was a bit of a let down as we all expected the Saint Martin’s graduate to astound us once again. Nonetheless, I have a lot of hope in seeing the unimaginable Craig creations in the near future. I also hope our designer fixes his website soon so we can directly follow his work. You know my motto “presentation is not any less important than the work itself.”

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taking jewelry design to another level.

Originality is quite rare to find in the field of jewelry design. You will usually come across various versions of a similar concept or exact copies made with different materials. The value of a piece is mostly dependent on the precision in the making and preciousness of the stones and metals used. This in turn limits the creativity and newness of a design.
Having said all the above, there are always those who rebel against our “POP” culture of jewelry and think outside the box.

A few days ago as I was extensively searching for a neck piece for my latest protégé, I came across an extraordinary ring. Right there and then I fell in love with it. As I began to discover more about the designer and her collection, I found out that there is an exceptional story to each and every piece. 
Selda Okutan, a Turkish designer who is currently working on ceramic figures, for sure can take the designer of the month title at LookHook.

“They are specially chosen and designed under the inspiration of love, history, myth and dream.” the artist describes her work. definitely doesn’t earn Selda any points since it is a poor representation of her work, but luckily her collections are also available in , and

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cross Body Chains… Very tricky.

Two weeks ago I got a present from my sister who just came back from a trip to Sweden. It was a cross body chain by Gina Tricot. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, you can visit their website and discover their cool products. I hope they will soon open up branches in more areas in the world. 

A couple of days ago I finally got to wear it for the first time. To be honest it was a huge struggle to come up with an outfit that wasn’t going to be “too much”. It may be cool for Rihanna to look like an S&M chick on stage but not for me.
I dressed it down. Making sure the piece blends in with my not very tight long sleeve top and a chunky faux fur vest. Cross body chains are very fresh and not so costly as an addition to your wardrobe. Check out a few I came across in Topshop the other day.
By just Googling "body chains", you will enter a whole new world of accessories. These pictures are good inspirations for you to start your style journey.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skinny doesn’t suit everyone!

It’s not only the clothes that define your sense of style but also the body you choose to live in. Over the years we have been brainwashed by the society that the skinnier we are, the hotter we look. Little that we know skinny doesn’t suit everyone and visa versa.
We loved Shakira when we first saw her in 2002, dancing her Arabic moves in the video “whenever, wherever”. Men fell in love with her, women wanted to be her. Since then she has been shrinking in size. In one of her latest videos, “Loca” she looks as if all her curves have disappeared and she is left with a very skinny toned body. Wouldn’t we all prefer if she went back to her curvaceous self, which suited her hundred times more?
Lindsay was certainly the American Sweetheart when she played Cady in the “mean girls”.
Catherine Zeta Jones vanished from the face of Hollywood when she lost her soccer mom curves. Skinny cost her, her career.

Do we ever want to see Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian lose weight? I will leave this question for the men to answer! 

On the other hand we have those who feel comfortable in their skin, no matter what size. We keep on hearing celebs like Adele and Kelly Clarkson talking about how happy they are with their weight. However, we all know if they lost a couple of pounds we would love them even more.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BAFTA Awards 2012: Actors vs. Actresses

 I couldn’t help but notice that there were more well dressed men on the red carpet than women!

Tilda Swinton was definitely on the best dressed list. Actress, Michelle Williams also had heads turning by wearing a bespoke monochrome H&M gown.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Viktor & Rolf: Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear. A collection to remember, return to and request .

Who can sum up a collection better than the designers themselves?

“It was really our aim to make feminine variations in a man’s shirt, and not dress women as men. To create this hybrid, a surreal hybrid” Rolf Snoeren

“Started thinking about how to make it undergo all kinds of transformations in a minimal way but also in a much more extreme way and that’s how we came to think of wedding dresses because they are the ultimate opposite of men’s shirts really.” Viktor Horsting

I am being inspired by this collection to style my client for an upcoming movie premiere in London. Love the fact that a simple concept has been developed into a chic and elegant phenomenon. It gives a vision of solemnity with the use of bankers shirt and a boost of femininity with the tight waistlines. 

RED PEN: Celebrity style gone bad!

I love it when I see some crazy outfit put together which doesn’t work at all. It means that person has tried but failed and it is only then that I know I may see something extraordinary from that individual. Trial and error!   

But what if when someone clearly makes a bad judgment? Such as breaking basic rules and showing poor sense of style. You would think celebrities wouldn’t make these bad calls. Take a look and learn from their mistakes!

Scarlet Johansson wearing nude colored shoes with black and white dress and red hair?

I doubt it that she was going for the cake look! Alicia, you can afford to pay for a stylist.

 Holly Valance looking like a Xerox billboard!

 My red pen wasn't enough to mark this one down.....

Friday, February 10, 2012

MONCLER outerwear, the best investment you can make for frosty winters!

It was right about mid December when a friend of mine proposed I should buy a Moncler Jacket and that it would save me throughout the winter. I, unsurprisingly didn’t pay too much attention. All I was thinking was how chunky these puffy things were going to make me look.

It was a week ago that the cold really got under my skin and it was making me postpone on all non-compulsory events such as meeting with an acquaintance, or picking up my dress from the dry cleaners. I just couldn’t bare the weather anymore. It was then that I knew I had to pay a visit to their store.

Once I got to put on one of their miracle working jackets… oh… I felt like a baby in a pram, warm, fed and ready to be strolled. I know as a stylist I should be concerned about what jacket is fashionable and what not, who can pull off a certain style and who can’t, but to be frank I couldn’t care less. When it’s cold and my brain cells are too frozen too function, Moncler is there to make it all good and cozy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dandyism .... an "ism" long forgotten.

Sitting on a very comfortable Brown Starbucks armchair, listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on Spotify, drinking tall skinny latte, looking at pedestrians with uniform outfits and remembering Woody Allen’s film; Midnight in Paris? 

The movie was about how one always feels the want to go back in time and live in another era. I feel the same now. I too want to receive letters from Mr. Darcy and I too would like to find myself a true “Dandy”! A man of refined language, a man who elevates aesthetics to a living religion, a real gentleman, one of a kind. 

What was wrong with men opening doors for us, dressing well, asking us to dance with them, letting us have the only seat left on the train and giving us handkerchiefs when we sneezed? Was that what feminism was about? Was that the freedom we were looking for? Losing out on all the femininity inside of us? Was the philosophy named correctly? Wasn’t it a plead for masculinism!?

I lose my train of thought as I take a glance at my unmanicured nails and my puffy jacket laying in front of me.  Then I just remind myself of all that is real in my world and with a sip of the universal coffee in my hand I bring myself back to reality and awakened from my dreams. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lingerie for different body shapes by Agent Provocateur ♥♠

Valentine’s day is close and this year you can spend on yourself instead of spending on your partner. He cannot ask for a better gift.
If your body is fit and you have no cellulites then you can easily pull off this extraordinary Shandy briefs.
If you are a bottom-heavy beauty and want to mostly show off your breasts, this Mercy skirt is just the thing. You can wear it with a simple black bra and still work it.

Tahloola top has that rock chick look to it. This is perfect for someone who has a nice figure but yet there are something’s better left in the dark. Tahoola is also great if you’re the "timide" type and still wrap yourself around the duvet when the lights are on.
If you have decided to wine n’ dine him then Thora will make him skip desert just as you have planned. This piece will slim you down on all the right places. (Mad Men Style)