Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let Paul Smith lighten up your wardrobes boys!

As I was wandering about in the lower ground floor of Harvey Nichols, my eyes were instantly drawn to the beautiful digital printed holdall bags designed by Paul Smith (for men). Without a second thought I tried taking a peek at the price tag to see whether I can afford one for Sh. or not!

The bags are pieces of art and priced relatively “ok”. It is a perfect gift for your partner as well, although you have to make sure the person you’re buying it for is not aged 40 yrs and above or is willing to take risks with colours.

This type of digital printing is a trendy thing now and I am not sure next year this time something like this would create such a buzz. In my opinion they are not a classic Louis Vuitton holdall, which can be pulled off forever, but for what they are, you can make a fashion forward statement carrying one.

The other great thing about these bags is that they are designed for men. I always feel that guys don’t have as much creativity going on for them as there is for us. The prints are classy and at the same time hold that colorful edge to them which makes them a whole lot more eye-catching. 

Here are some other smaller items such as wallets and business folio bags that could also be on your 2012 wish list.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The "undercut" haircut

As someone who has an eye for future trends, I lack the ability to identify men’s hair trends beforehand. I don’t understand how the trend suddenly spreads. This season I acknowledged that the new “it” hair for men is the shortened sides with the long center waved back. They call this the “undercut” haircut. But who first came up with it? Was it something on the runways I missed? Did Clooney secretly do his hair like that? Or is word of mouth so effective amongst men that it sets a whole new trend?

Now enough with the investigation, this new punk inspired trend is so attractive. It gives that hot, passionate look to men, making them a bit more boyishly naughty and yet maintaining their neat and classy front.What is noticeable is that this look can only be pulled off by slimmish men with boney structured faces. If you are a Don Draper or an Andy Garcia try avoiding this look.

Even curly hairs can have fun with it.

This trend has also spread widely in the female fashion world. From Rihanna to Emeli, our gals are rocking this haircut like no other.

Just looking at the pictures I'm tempted to do it myself….!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The bold and the beautiful.

MSGM is magnificent!
Massimo Giorgetti, the designer behind this collection is one who has brought Spanish to our spring. The fact that the designer has provided us with splashes of vibrant colors makes this whole collection more loveable.
When I first saw the collection, immediately thought that I am looking at a brand in the range of Warehouse or Topshop but surprisingly that wasn’t true. The price range is  £350 - £750, which doesn’t really suit the ordinary greatness of the brand. 

The men’s collection is one to adore. There are big bold flower prints as well as other bold prints such as checks and animals. Who said men should be deprived of big prints.