Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring/Summer bags to have!

This spring/summer, designers have indulged us with so many colorful bags. From Tod’s to Tory, color mania was the theme of the season. 

Top left: YSL Bottom left: Michael Kors Center: Cambridge Satchel Co. Top right: Tory Burch Bottom right: YSL

Top left: Michael Kors, Bottom left: Marc Jacobs Top Center:Marc Jacobs Bottom Center: Michael Kors
Top right: Mulberry Bottom right: Michael Kors

Top left: D&G Mint green Bottom Left: Michael Kors, Center: Furla Top right: Marc Jacobs, Bottom right: Celine

Top left: Tod's, Bottom left: YSL, Top center: Giorgio Armani, Mid-Center: Miu Miu, Bottom Center: Sonia Rykiel,
 Top right: Hermes Kiwi Birkin Bottom right: Giorgio Armani

Celebs have been showing off their colorful bags all over town. Here are some style snaps!

Left: Katie Holmes, Center: Leighton Meester, Right: Kate Moss
Left: Nicky&Paris Hilton, Center: Victoria Beckham, Right: Rosie Huntington-whiteley
Left: Taylor Swift, Center: Byonce, Right: Blake Lively
You can get the star look for less!

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